1000: Compliance 101

Compliance 101

The United States is committed to mass incarceration.

The US incarcerates more people per capita than any other nation on earth. Although most people are intentional when they break laws, many people serve time in state and federal prisons despite not having had any intention to break the law. Rather, those people made decisions during the course of business—or life—that brought them to the attention of government investigators.

Those investigations later led to criminal charges for white-collar crimes.

To avoid the indignities that come with being the subject of government investigations and the pain of criminal prosecutions, business leaders should invest time and effort into educating themselves, and their business teams, about America’s criminal justice system and government investigations.

Effective compliance training should show business owners and the people with whom they work how and why their decisions on the job can, potentially, lead to government investigations and charges for white-collar crimes.

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