1001: Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs)

Welcome to our course on Deferred Prosecution Agreements. My name is Michael Santos and I’m the founder of Compliance Mitigation.

Everyone on our team at Compliance Mitigation has experienced a government investigation. We know that small- and medium-sized business owners need more information to understand steps they can take to lessen vulnerability to government investigations. Together, we launched a company to help small- and medium-sized businesses take precautionary measures with risk-assessments and compliance strategies.

I’m also a person who served multiple decades in federal prison. You may wonder why someone with my background is qualified to teach about compliance and deferred prosecution agreements. In an effort to prove worthy of your time and attention, and to earn your trust, I’ll reveal more about my personal background.

The video at the top of this page describes the circuitous way that I came to learn about government investigations, the criminal justice system, and deferred prosecution agreements. Below is an abbreviated chronology of my story:

  • As a young man, I made bad decisions.
  • Those bad decisions led to a government investigation.
  • The government investigation led to a criminal trial.
  • Following a conviction in 1987, a federal judge sentenced me to serve a 45-year prison sentence.
  • While incarcerated, I earned an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree.
  • While incarcerated, I began interviewing other people that went through government investigations.
  • Together with my partner, Justin Paperny, I launched a series of businesses to help white-collar offenders prepare for best-possible outcomes.

This course offers insight into Deferred Prosecution Agreements and includes the following learning content:

  1. Background info and Current Business
  2. Respondeat Superior / Vicarious Liability / Willful Blindness
  3. White-Collar Crime
  4. Government Investigations: 10 Minutes
  5. Deferred Prosecution Agreements and What Prosecutors Want to Know
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