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1. Why Compliance Training?

Why Every Business Should Invest in Compliance Training

If we ask any group to give us their impression of successful technology companies, we’re likely to hear the following names:

  • Apple,
  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • Amazon, and
  • Microsoft

Many of us would consider the above-mentioned companies as models of excellence. They’re famous for creating trillions of dollars in value, creating millions of jobs, generating billions of dollars in tax revenues, and providing enormous value to consumers.

Besides being success stories, these companies all share something else in common.

Each of the above-mentioned companies has been the subject of a government investigation.

Our team at Compliance Mitigation does not make a judgment call with regard to the reasons behind the investigation, or the usefulness that the investigation would serve. Rather, we want more entrepreneurs, business leaders, and team members to understand how government investigations can threaten businesses and careers. The more a person knows, the more equipped a person becomes to make better decisions—hopefully to avoid being brought in as a witness, a subject, or a target of a government investigation.

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