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11. Strengthening Compliance Programs

Designing a successful compliance program begins with incorporating guidelines set forth by the Department of Justice. But don’t stop there. To strengthen the program, we recommend that leaders review programs that failed for other businesses. Good critical-thinking skills will lead to modifications and continuous improvements.

Get buy-in on a compliance programs importance from all team members, and from corporate leadership. As the cliché holds, leadership starts at the top. A company could include all the Department of Justice’s requirements, but it will fail without buy-in from team members and leadership.

Government regulators and investigators make it clear that they expect companies of all sizes to operate in compliance with laws and regulations. Mega-cap companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon face investigations, just as investigators may target mom-and-pop companies for violations of laws or regulations. Learn what happened to others. Use those lessons to improve compliance programs to protect businesses and team leaders.

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