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Compliance Programs to Mitigate Risk

Companies primarily adopt compliance programs because they recognize the need to mitigate risk. Leaders want to get the end result of a safer workplace with less legal exposure. Merely adopting a compliance program, however, without comprehensive implementation, may not yield the return on investment that a leader wants.

On any given day, we can turn to the Department of Justice website to read press releases of criminal indictments for white collar crime. Many of the defendants in those cases began without any intention to break laws. Yet a lack of a clearly defined business model, or well-engineered compliance system, put those people into the cross hairs of a government investigation. High legal costs and criminal proceedings followed.

All businesses stand vulnerable to the dangers of a government investigation. For these reasons, leaders should take steps to minimize their exposure. That means they should put plans in place to show a commitment to transparency, compliance, and good corporate citizenship.

Our team at Compliance Mitigation has identified 10 reasons that compliance programs may fail in businesses. Keep reading to learn about each of those 10 reasons.