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The best time to protect a company would be before a government investigation begins. For this reason, the company should engineer a compliance and training program that identifies all corporate policies, processes, and procedures, pertaining to every aspect of the company. The company should have excellent, cloud-based record-keeping systems in place, and potentially a Customer Relationship Management software system that maps out the entire company journey, including:

  • A staff hierarchy with clear job descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications.
  • A staff training system that articulates the corporate culture.
  • A process map that shows how the company operates.
  • The customer acquisition strategy, including all advertisements and lead-generation systems.
  • The scripts or training that sales teams use.
  • Templates for all invoices and contracts.
  • Effective financial records that document every transaction.
  • Warranties, representations, and company communications with customers.

Transparency can protect an honest company and its leaders from the enormous cost of a government investigation. With good training, the company can also protect itself in the event that something goes wrong, which could bring unwanted attention from government investigators.