Course Introduction
Course Content

Important Training Topics

  1. Help all team members understand that, although unlikely, all businesses are subject to government investigations.
  2. Help all team members understand a search warrant and what they should know if authorities execute a search warrant.
  3. Show a cloud-based system that provides reminders of what people should do in a search warrant and let the people know how they can access the information on a smart phone.
  4. Identify the warrant team and provide specialized training for team leaders.
  5. Show how to monitor agents and record notes.
  6. Show that although the company intends to cooperate with the investigation, the team leaders want to preserve rights for people and for the company.
  7. Emphasize that employees should not impede the search, conceal or destroy documents.
  8. Explain appropriate laws, including obstruction of justice and making false statements.
  9. Train employees on the rights regarding government interviews.
  10. Create a “Policy and Procedures” for team leaders to know how they should respond to search warrants, including:
    • Information and instructions on contacting counsel and company leaders, with contact numbers.
    • Request the agents wait until counsel arrives before conducting the search—understanding that the agents do not have an obligation to wait.
    • Ask the agents for identification.
    • Ask for a copy of the warrant.
    • Send an image of the warrant to the company’s attorney.
    • Expressly state that although the company will cooperate, it does not consent to the search.
    • Direct all employees to the document that explains their rights with regard to being interviewed.
    • Review the warrant and attempt to negotiate terms of the search.
    • Do not remove, discard, or hide any objects that might be subject of the search warrant.
    • Carefully monitor any search.
    • Ask the agents to permit you to photocopy any original document that the agents seize.
    • Get a receipt for any files or property the agents seize.
    • Do not conduct any meetings with employees without an attorney present.